Release Date: February 4, 2022

One kiss.
One little misstep.
It completely changed everything.

We’re best friends and perfect colleagues. One little kiss shouldn’t change that. He shouldn’t change that.
Except now I’m flying to his small hometown, leaving my city behind to walk through dirt roads in my stilettos just for him.

Spending a month with him to get this movie filmed should be easy for us.
I’ve been his PA for years with no hiccups.
We always conquer every obstacle and we have a friendship strong enough to defeat even the toughest odds.
This should be easy except…
That kiss. Neither one of us has forgotten it.
Our one and only misstep.
Will it have us barreling toward love… or disaster?

⚠ As a reader who loves surprises, I enjoy going in blind with each book. Yet, as someone with triggers, I want to let my readers know what sensitive content may be in my books.

Content warnings

  • Drug abuse
  • Drinking
  • Domestic abuse
  • Steamy sexual scenes

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