Heart of a Monster

Release Date: June 10, 2021

Rome Armanelli is supposed to be a monster—an enforcer for the strongest family in the Italian Mafia.
Yet, when I saw him take a man’s life, he did it to save mine.

Since then, Rome doesn’t want me anywhere near him. Sparks may fly when we’re in the same room, but his famiglia is all he cares about.

He tells me to leave, but he, of all people, should know—the Mafia doesn’t let anyone go. Blood, ties, and partnerships sink their claws in. And when we find out exactly why his family kept me around, there’s no turning back.

I have to trust someone to survive now. So, I choose him, the man with a stare as cold as ice but a touch that sets me on fire.

I’m about to hand my heart to a monster. Let’s see if he’ll rip it apart.

This book is the first in a duet. It has 80000+ words of love, angst, steam, and mafia romance.

⚠ As a reader who loves surprises, I enjoy going in blind with each book. Yet, as someone with triggers, I want to let my readers know what sensitive content may be in my books.

Content warnings

  • Violence
  • Steamy sexual scenes
  • Drinking
  • Cancer
  • Suicide
  • Mentions of sexual abuse of a minor (does not go into graphic detail)

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