Between Commitment and Betrayal

My father’s business partner will do anything for the empire they built together…Even marry me. Declan Hardy, All-American heartthrob and retired NFL billionaire, is my complete opposite.He’s commanding where I’m cooperative.Spontaneous while I am deliberate.Loud when I stay quiet.The only thing we have in common is that both our names are on my father’s will. … Read more

Corrupted Chaos

My enemy doesn’t make the rules behind closed doors…Even if he’s my boss. Cade Armanelli might be an infamous hacker with billionaire status who operates better alone, but I earned my spot working alongside him…Whether he likes it or not. It’s precisely why I’m on the first plane to an undisclosed location for our cybersecurity … Read more

Fractured Freedom

Is it so bad that I tricked my older brother’s best friend into taking my v-card? Maybe. In my defense, it was Dante Reid—my crush, my first love, and the one I ended up pushing away.Our paths split in opposite directions.I went to college on one coast while he returned to work with the US … Read more

Shattered Vows

I’ve traded my hand in marriage for six months to save my city. To Sebastian Armanelli:Most powerful man in the city…And the hottest one-night stand of my life. My new husband promises to be a gentleman by day and play his part. But in the dark of night he’s commanding, ruthless. And possessive. I’m starting … Read more


One kiss. One stolen moment.It completely changed everything. Mikka has worked hard in school, took all the right turns and landed a dream PA job to the hottest bachelor out there: Jay Stonewood.He’s charming, sweet, and has abs to drool over.Not that any of it matters. Jay and Mikka are strictly best friends and colleagues. … Read more


He’s a ruthless realist…but she just might make him believe in a fantasy. Vick Jett Stonewood is rude, harsh and devastatingly severe.The billionaire businessman refuses to crack a smile while at my best friend’s destination wedding. So, I try to introduce some fun into his life. If we have a bit too much by sleeping … Read more


AubreyThe day I lost my parents was the day he saved me.Jax Stonewood—my best friend’s older brother.He was never meant to be my savior. My first real love.And certainly not my greatest heartbreak. I spent years getting over him and now he’s back—the nation’s most streamed artist and eligible bachelor… but I’m not falling for … Read more